The ICONICS'18 will take place at NED University of Engineering &Technology in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi is the largest & most populous Metropolitan city of Pakistan. It is the financial hub and a sea port of Pakistan. NED University is located in the east of the city. It is the oldest institution in Pakistan for teaching and turning out graduates, postgraduates and Ph.D.'s in 25 engineering discipline.

The NED University of Engineering & Technology was established in March 1977 after upgrading of the former NED Government Engineering College, which was set up in 1922. The NED University is thus one of the oldest institution in Pakistan for teaching and producing Engineering graduates. The student population, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, is up to nearly 7000.


Department of Computer Science & Information Technology
NED University of Engineering and Technology
University Road, Karachi - 75270, Pakistan.